The Green Materialist Co-Founder Teaching at UC-Berkeley Extension

Rachelle is thrilled to have accepted a teaching position at her design alma mater, the Interior Design and Interior Architecture Department of UC-Berkeley Extension. She is turning the Interior Materials and Finishes course on it's head by rewriting the curriculum to deeply integrate sustainability. An all-star line up of guest speakers includes Mikhail Davis, Director of Restorative Enterprise at Interface and member of the USGBC's Technical Advisory Group on Materials and Resources, as well as Rowena Finegan, certified Building Biology Environmental Consultant and founder of Pine Street Interiors. Field trips to Ecohome Improvement (the Bay Area's oldest green design showroom), a visit to the Gensler materials library, and tours of Heath Ceramics and Fireclay Tile round out the semester. On the first night of class, a screening of "The Story of Stuff", coupled with a product lifecycle analysis assignment, established the precedent for students to ask deep questions about the materials they specify. The opportunity to influence the next generation of designers in this way has tremendous, positive future impact.

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