A Cry Heard Around the World: The Climate March

By Katie Bachner

On Friday September 20th, 2019, there were climate change protests all through-out the US and around the world. It was said that over 150 countries participated in the demonstrations.

I attended the one in New York City.

I saw signs being held by children and chants being yelled by senior citizens. It was beautiful and inspiring to see so many people physically coming together to support the health of our plant. Though the march was passionate it was also peaceful. There was an understanding that we are all in this together. The phrase "we are all one" is often relegated to the realm of religion, but on this day the idea took center stage. Not only with each other but with the animals, plants, oceans, rivers and countless other ecosystems.

Though the march was an incredible gathering filled with hope, we cannot just rest on hope, in the words of young activist, Greta Thunberg, "hope must be earned". I would like to say that it is now time for us to act, however we should have been acting decades ago. We have the science to back up the trajectory of our planet if we do not make the necessary changes. However we have time, not a lot of time, but time. By 2030 the IPCC (Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change) states that we need to cut our emissions by 45% compared to that of 2010 levels. This is not said to scare but to motivate. Though not everyone is listening, many are. World leaders, state leaders, companies, and individuals are responding. Action is needed from the macro to the micro, and you and I have the capacity to join this unprecedented global movement.

Climate change transcends race, gender, nationality, and species. It also transcends the economy and the accumulation of wealth. Money cannot buy back our planet. But contrary to what the climate deniers contend, our effort to curtail global warming, mass pollution, deforestation, and the extinction of species has the opportunity to spur economic growth.

Unlike our current capitalistic system, which is founded upon a free market economy with the undercurrent rhetoric of financial gain at all costs, an economy grounded in sustainability, harmonizes a thriving economy with a thriving planet.

The Green Materialist makes it our mission to educate individuals on how to create healthy and sustainable homes. By paying attention to the materials you choose, you are not only affecting the health of you and your family but also supporting an economy based in sustainability.

In the next few blog posts we will explore ways in which this is already taking place. For now I leave you with Greta Thunberg's speech to the European Parliament. She is truly a force, a leader if I ever saw one. She pierced my heart, inspired my spirit, and reinforced what we all know: we must find a way to protect our home, our planet, our Mother Earth.

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