The Green Materialist is a Green Materials Consultant & Interior Design


"Katie was organized, competent, respectful and able to communicate clearly and efficiently. She had our best interests at heart, vetting every material to make sure only the healthiest ones were chosen. "

- Jason S., Los Altos, CA

Rachelle has a unique and substantial 

knowledge of

eco-friendly materials, which we found unmatched by other designers." 

- Leila M., Berkeley, CA


Who we are

The Green Materialist is a collaboration between friends and colleagues: Rachelle Padgett, interior designer, and Katie Bachner, green building consultant. We met at a conference in 2016, and became fast friends through our shared passions for sustainability, nature and art. In the spring of 2018, we decided two heads are better than one, and started a partnership to bring the deepest level of environmental awareness to our shared clients. We take our business meetings on the trail.

What we do

We are a green materials consultancy in concert with an established interior design practice, Synthesis Interiors & Color. We bring you specifications, from your framing to your floor to your furniture, that tread lightly on the earth and are kind to their makers and users. We ask tough questions of manufacturers and deeply assess the components that make up your home. With our help, you can rest assured you’ve made the healthiest choices for you and your family (including the four-legged members, too!).

We present our research in language that is clear, comprehensible and customized to your needs. 

Why we do it

Concern for environmental and human health is deeply ingrained in each of us. Climate change is a fact. Cancer touches ones we love. Asthma and allergies are exponentially on the rise. Indoor air quality is worse than outdoor air quality. We know that the built environment is the single biggest contributing factor to these seismic shifts we have experienced in our lifetimes. Conscientious sourcing is the way forward, and the call to action is now.